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Film & Animation

With over 10 years experience in producing animation and film, we can deftly handle any aspect of a video project from concept through production to post-production and delivery.

Our in house production skills cover:

2D / 3D Animation, Stop motion animation & Motion graphics. We have extensive experience in traditional filming methods as well as green screen filming.

With our trusted network of freelancers we can scale up or down to accommodate almost any brief and we can make sure your video is appropriately prepared for distribution across all viewing platforms.

Pre & Post Production

We work hard to ensure that your filming goes smoothly, from story boarding and script writing through to editing and the final cut. Our technical skills cover a wide range of pre and post-production processes including:

Story boarding, Script writing, CGI, Motion Graphics, Coloration, Editing, Sound Design, Sound Recording, Digital Compositing and much more.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, if there is a rogue bit of scenery, or we need to change the colour of a car we have techniques to manipulate film to create a seamless cut.

We also have experience in working with 360 degree VR videos. If you really want to push the boat out then talk to us about how we can combine some of our techy skills to create immersive experiences.